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Here at Gingerbread Trim, we fabricate anything and everything out of styrofoam (Expanded Polystyrene) and concrete. Our mainstay is architectural trim for both exterior and interior applications. We fabricate large shapes that would otherwise be prohibitive in wood or other materials and coat them to look more like the expensive materials. By adding our shapes to your home, you are adding to the value without adding substantial cost to the project.

However, the real secret at Gingerbread is not what or how we fabricate our products, but the extremely talented people who work here. We have assembled some of the most creative folks that we have had the pleasure of knowing. A friend, George Sweeney, once said, "It's truly remarkable what can be accomplished when everyone brings something to the table". Well, that statement couldn't be truer when applied to Gingerbread.

So, if you have a special project, some ideas, or would just like to sit down at the table, you couldn't be in better company.

Betsy & Clif Campbell 

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