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Another exciting aspect of EPS is that not only can we cut out shapes and trim, but we can cut our molds as well. Molds are needed for precast as that is how we cast our parts. ArmorCast as well as traditional precast fit perfectly into this niche. Fiberglass, wood, concrete and metal molds are very costly and this is where EPS shines.
Yes, fiberglass will last longer but for jobs that require a onetime mold you can save hundreds and over the course of a single year, thousands with our EPS molds. You save money and you save valuable time.

Styrofoam molds are perfect for GFRC applications as well. Anytime you are going to make a onetime piece for a project, EPS is a great alternative.
We can also make a model of your piece and you can make a permanent mold from it. Intricate and complex models are our forte and can be easily made out of EPS. The EPS bench (pictured) makes the outside of a large fountain. It was used to build a permanent fiberglass mold and eight benches were poured with angled cornered pieces (not shown) to complete the fountain base.

Because 90% of our workload is done with styrofoam molds, we have a unique perspective on how to utilize these molds. We use them every day in our business.

If you are interested in styrofoam molds, please give us a call 941-661-1996.

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