Columns Topics  bath corrinthian columns

Columns are a very popular product and can dress up a patio, entrance, bath or any place where you want to demonstrate structure.

Because columns usually stretch for a distance, say 8 feet top to bottom, they should wrap around a structure of some sort. Steel pipes or 4x4 post are good examples. People like to lean against columns and therefore a column with no support is dangerous and a liability problem. Our foam columns are decorative and need support if you expect them to stand alone.

Another application is half columns. These columns mount flat against a wall. This type of mounting does not need a structure, as the wall itself is the support.

We also recommend a hard coating be applied to all EPS columns for durability. We also recommend a harder meshed coating for the column base as this is where the column will take most of its abuse from vacuum cleaners, brooms and buffers.

Columns offered at GBT are straight, tapered, fluted, spiral or rope and enthisis columns. Of course if you have something else in mind, I'm sure we can accommodate.


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